Glossary of Key Terms

Online Dating: The modern dating life of the current generations. Not only the millennials, but as well as the older people that are slowly gathering the skills of technology.

Online Dating System: How dating sites help decision making. The system helps users find their potential match by connecting some information.

Cool Tinder Statistics: Know the basic numbers involving Tinder. Find out how many people users are on Tinder, how many people swipe a day, how many swipes are swiped a day, etc.

Tinder: Information and facts of the new dating app.

Hooking-up: Women who uses a hook-up application. Men who goes into the application to find a partner just to sleep with.

Hometown Tinder: Experiences of people using Tinder

Political: How politics made their way in the dating app. How the government have found a way to include important information into Tinder to attract a certain audience.

Earning Potential: How peoples job will depend on the “swiping”. Women will mainly swipe right due on the career the man has. Men will do the same as well.

Love: Tinder won’t change love. Tinder is made for people to find new lovers and reconnect with old friends.