Editor’s Projected Inquiry


Here you will see that my first guiding question was “How Has Tinder Affected Modern Day Relationships with Everyone?” to “Why Do People Prefer Dating Apps Over Traditional Dating”. In my first guiding question, I put a quote from Sherry Turkle that really helped me choose this topic and question. In her book that she published called “Reclaiming Conversations”, she said “…experiments with Tinder are only the beginning of how technology increases romance possibilities.”. I put Tinder and Bumble as the main topic that I was going to talk about. Bumble is basically the classier version of Tinder, but I slowly talked about more people use Tinder more often. Now how has tinder affected modern day relationships with everyone? I connected this to couples, work, friends, and your regular everyday life.  For couples I shared how it is hard for them to settle down due to the fact that there is a whole new world of new people on the application. So many more women, so many hotter men out there. You just don’t want to settle because you know you can have more.  A negative for this application is how easy it is for people to cheat on their significant other with this app. Tinder is the reason for many divorces and separations to happen. You really lose your sense of connection of romance due to this app. At work, I talked about how you can really make connections in the work world. It’s really hard to find a job now a-days and tinder can really help you find that person that helps you find a new job with a little flirting. Negatively though, it can really cause you to lose focus on work. In the topic of friends, you will see how you will find some of your greatest of friends on social media and Tinder. You can meet up and find out that this person is actually the coolest person ever. In your life, you will find that people are more drawn to hide behind the phone now due to how easy it is to communicate via phone now.

I turned this topic into why people choose online dating apps over traditional dating now. Since Tinder started in 2012, the dating world has changed drastically. I looked into the source of the surprising truths of why people use tinder and it really showed me how people who use it are psychologically wanting more attention. It was originally designed for people to find their match easier though an app but some people are definitely taking advantage of it. Tinder really maks it easier for people to make connections due to their busy schedules that we have. It is also so much more easier for people to find their new significant other in a new city. It does not even have to be significant, it could just be making new friends in a new city. I looked into the psychological side and it talked about how people who uses this app really want to find validation and self worth that they can’t find in person. The excitement of this app really gets to people too. Tinder really helps ease people’s way of talking to each other and communication. Overall, this app basically saves everyone’s times.

Overall, I changed my questions to how it affects relationships to why people use this psychologically.