Editor’s Introduction

Swipe Right, New Friends, New Connection.

In the modern era of dating life, technology has become a huge part in people making new friends and new connections. Technology is always the only way people talk to each other most of the time. Although there are some negative impacts in our generation with modern day technology due to the fact that everyone hides behind the screen, there re also a lot of positive impacts as well. Swiping right on Tinder and/or Bumble will really help you with gaining new friends and making new connections whether it’s for work or new parties. It is almost like a chain reaction. Swipe right, have a conversation, go grab a drink and maybe you two will hit it off. If it’s not like that then be friends! It’s such a great app to meet new people in a new city. Maybe you will get invited to fancy parties and have a work promotion from knowing people. Going to important parties also opens a whole new door to new oportunities in the work field!

Made Amazing Friends In The City

Downloading Tinder and Bumble was one of the best things that has happened to me moving to Charlotte. Moving to the city less than two years ago, I was working uptown and didn’t have many friends. I started working 3 jobs and got lost because all I knew in life was to work and go to school. Once I started swiping right, I went out and met a lot of awesome guys in the city during my breaks. We would grab coffee for a few minutes, have a lunch break at the park, walk around. People in the city barely ever use Tinder to have hook-ups, but hey, if two people are interested, then so be it! My main point though is by me meeting all these new guys, I met their friends, and their friend’s friends. It’s a chain reaction. Now I feel like I know half of the population of uptown charlotte because of this. I can walk into a restaurant and see two tables of friends I know now everyday. I could step outside of center city and see 5 friends walking pass me. I could be at a relight in my car and a friend would be crossing the street waving to me. I have gained so many connections and got a job from meeting people on Tinder. All I needed it for was 2 weeks and I never got on again. Two weeks on tinder and being a social butterfly during that time can gained me so many great friends and memories.

Helped Me Leave A Toxic Relationship

From personal experiences, Tinder has helped me more than I can imagine in all aspects of life. After a while of moving to Charlotte, I decided to download Tinder. I met this guy from South Carolina right away. At that time, I was at the end of an awful relationship. I broke it off with my ex but he was still verbally harassing me and calling me names, telling me that I’m ruining my life for leaving him. As this new Tinder guy came to my life, we started to get close and talked about life right away. I told him everything about my ex and he told me to get out while I can because he has been that guy. He helped me leave the most toxic person in my life. He help me feel confident again… like life was worth living again. He told me to focus on my career and future. He is now the best of friends I’ve ever had. Nothing more, nothing less.

Everyone Uses It

If you look into the Tinder Information, Statistics, Facts and History, you will see the insane amount of people in the world using the application. Along with 45 Impressive Tinder Statistics and Facts (March 2017), you will really understand the true value of Tinder and how it connects everyone together. Since the internet start, online dating has become a regular norm in the world. More than fifty-million people in the world are using this application.

Social Media Butterflies
Phubbing was described as “the art of talking to other people but with your eyes on your phone”. I wasn’t really surprised at the fact that majority of the younger generation was so caught up on phones due to social media. Social media is the main reason why teenagers have cell phones. My perspective of cell phones was never bad. I always saw cell phones of a way to communicate easier with my friends and family. In Online Dating: The Current Status—and Beyond you will find that people are obsessed with going online to play. People believe it is easier to make a conversation over the phone other than a first dinner date. You will slowly see how some people going onto Tinder is more like a psychological issue.

Boost of Ego

Psychologically, people who use Tinder are there to find a way to boost their own ego. After reading, Psychological Reasons of Tinder Users, you will start to understand why people use the application in the first place. Some people do not even want to be in a relationship. Some users don’t want to just hook-up either. Some users don’t want a relationship OR to hook-up. People go onto Tinder sometimes to find a way to love themselves. They feel obligated to hear from a stranger that you are beautiful. People could go on their just to find love because they don’t feel like they can in real life. Others use it for casual sex because they probably feel lonely in their lives. It’s hard to feel wanted when you live alone and don’t have time to go out to make friends due to the fact you work so much. Some people put so much effort in their career, they forget to find love. Due to that, people become isolated so they approach Tinder to find self-worth again. Validation for the users are found as well.

Politics and Tinder

Politics have found a way to make it into the application. The government has found a new way on how to attract a certain group of people that they want. Depending on the age you set yourself as on Tinder, you will find different advertisements on each age range. As a millennial, the government want to somehow convince us to vote for a certain person. In A Political Ad Has Turned to Tinder, Because That’s Where the Millennials Are, it shows you how they do this. As we know majority of the users that are on Tinder are millennials. Millennials are basically a huge group of a “liberty-loving” group. We believe in free speech and free expression more than any other generation. Due to this, the government understands that majority of millennials are democrats and liberals. If our next candidates for a presidential run were to happen, you will find that the democratic party will start popping up onto Tinder. The advertisement will start telling you who to vote for, trying to convince you til pick the liberal party.