Empathy Diaries

I sincerely believe that the author has good point when he talks about the currently humans that are dependent with our cell phones. it is sincerely sad that people are not contacting the other person via land phone or walking up to the door. Now of days, people just drive up to the front of the house and they text the other person “I’m here.”. I find it really depressing that the current generation is so dependent on the fact that we have social media and phones. Everything is based off of the cell phone. Everything is through the internet.

Social Media Butterflies

Phubbing was described as “the art of talking to other people but with your eyes on your phone”. I wasn’t really surprised at the fact that majority of the younger generation was so caught up on phones due to social media. Social media is the main reason why teenagers have cell phones. Instead of talking face-to-face, this generation is caught up on making 10 second selfie conversations on Snapchat that disappear or they decide that messaging each other is easier than talking via in person or the phone. My perspective of cell phones was never bad. I always saw cell phones of a way to communicate easier with my friends and family. I was never dependent on it, but it does make life easier.

Rhetorical Thoughts

For example, to capture an audience, it is important to understand how your tone of voice is.

Lost In The Phone

Having social media gives people the need to almost feel like they have to check it due to the fear of missing something. It makes people feel like they are bored in the real life easier. It prevents people from being able to just sit and be engaged in only one thing. People will get on social media so much that it almost helps them create a new person online, someone who is new, someone who seems fun and popular when in reality, their lives are not that great. Hiding being phones helps create more confidence in bullying as well.

Public Square of No Privacy

I agree with how she talks about the world has almost no privacy now due to social media. Back in the days it was easier to get away and have more privacy and alone time. I find it almost unbelievable how much our society has changed over the past years due to social media and technology. It really has changed our way of life. Personally, I find this to affect us negatively than positive.

Current Dating Scene

I picked chapter that talked about Romance. In Friction-Free it talks about how dating is not an online game. There are now dating apps that we can download on our iPhones and Androids.

As we went on into our conversations and parlor about how social media and technology has changed our way of having the ideal/old-schooled conversations, this chapters stacks on top showing us how not only does it affect our normal conversations with friends and family, now we depend on it to find love. Some of the apps that are considered dating apps are Tinder and Bumble. Tinder is more for the younger 20’s while Bumble is used by more mature and older 20’s, 30’s, and 40s.

Reading in to Friction-Free, it talks about how even these dating apps gives us a way out of having a normal conversations. Tinder gives you a chance to get ignored without knowing you are getting ignored. Tinder’s rejection method is by swiping-left and the other person will never know. People get to get out of the awkward stage of saying “oh, I’m not interested in you” and they get to save more time as it more efficient to just not waste a date on a guy or girl who is not attractive.

On page 183, Danny who is thirty-two years old was interviewed. He lives in Chicago and admits that online dating has made it harder for him to commit. Living in uptown Charlotte, I can personally tell you that this is more than one-hundred percent true! Having friends who are in their late 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, the dating app has made it a game changer for all of them. I agree with Danny when he says it is a choice problem now. Everything seems to be connected to looks now due to our current technology.

Online dating is a pro and con. It’s amazing the people that you meet when you actually do meet them, but it really sucks that it hurts the old-school dating couples who feel like there is now more online.

Personally, I think Tinder and Bumble is an amazing way to meet new people when you enter a new city. That is how I have met the amazing people that I now call my friends today.

Tech, SM, and RLTSPS

Curiosity simply as you the basic question of if there is anything that you are interested in. It is defined as a strong desire to know more about something and to continue to pursue and learn more about the topic. As we all started reading this book while we continuously had parlor discussions, my eyes were opened so wide because I started noticing how sad our generation is with technology and social media. This book has given me a more insight of how our generation, and the newer ones, depend so much on technology, not only to survive, but to feel wanted and kept busy.

During our parlors, we talked about technology, relationships, and social media the most. My curiosity are drawn to the topic of how technology has affected the our modern day conversations with people. Our conversations in this generation merely depends on technology to get in contact with each other. I’m curious about knowing all the cons and pros to have technology.

Another topic that I am curious in are about the Tinder and Bumble applications being a way of making new friends and relationships. Your modern day dating routines is all about going online and using dating sites now. It is easier to talk to people due to having the power to swipe left or right on people.

I’m very drawn to these topics because I feel like that’s all that surrounds my life. Technology, social media, and relationships. I’m noticed the connection of all these goes back to technology. All this starts with technology and how people interact with each other now. Connections between these topics with my other classes is technology is used in all classes. Whether we as a class are using technology to learn or if the students are constantly taking their phones out. Current events that are connected to these topics are how people are depending their lives solely on technology now and how to make it better.


I’ve followed The Humans of New York since they started on Facebook. Some questions I feel like Brandon, the founder of the project, has a way of getting close to the people that he interviews. I’m not sure how he does it, but I believe he sits down and sincerely ask personal questions to the people he interviews after he gains their trust. Brandon asks a series of questions depending on who he is talking to. He way ask them if they are happy with life. Why or why not? Where are you from? What’s your favorite childhood memory? As for another inquiry project like, the questions asked may be about your family history and who are the names of all the family members you know and have.

These projects do represent what I think is an inquiry because I think all these are looked into when you are interested in them. These are people who are curious and have open wonders of the topic and they want to dig inside deeper to find more information that will benefit themselves.

Tinder Stats

I really feel like Tinder is a way for people to find friends and maybe have fun with dating. I don’t personally feel like people take this app seriously. If people find love from this app, it’s usually from going on a fun date to grab a couple drinks and maybe they just really connected. I have gained a whole new perspective of how powerful this app is after reading some of these statistics. This makes me question so much about the modern technology and how it has almost consumed our lives. This shows how our dating lives has been revolved around online dating sites and apps now. The most interesting information that I found is how people spend an average thirty five minutes on this app a day!

Exploring the Lib

In the future, I think I would use the library for exams study sessions, study groups, and maybe finish up the inquiry project for the class. Other than that, I won’t be using the Atkins Library much.


Stuart Green explains in the article that an inquiry process is not just collecting and researching information… it is not just about writing information that you have collected from researching. In an inquiry process, he talks about how you can add in personal experiences and talk about that.


Online Dating – The Current Status and Beyond by Arthur Aron. The authors are adding in the fact that this is related to psychological issues/topics. Online dating system design and relational decision making: Choice, algorithms, and control. I find this article a bit more interesting due to the fact that it talks about how online dating is all about the perspective and how someone looks and how the app looks.


The gist of this is basically saying that the dating pool in the current dating generations are now beyond our thoughts. It has gotten to the point where it is 100% normal to go online and have a one night stand or just to find someone to date just to have fun. Maybe people will find love, maybe people will not. But people will continue to find a way to communicate with people of their interests online.

The author also transitions into talking about the psychology of modern online dating. From the key terms of people wanting to have fun will go into the thoughts of people having the psychological issue of being obsessed with online dating and meeting people though apps and dating sites.


There are many ways people use tinder. To hook up, new connections, ready to date, to play around, etc. This article talks about how some women uses this app.


Sherry Turtle wrote this to show us how our modern day dating and conversations have become due to technology and social media. There are many ways people use tinder. To hook up, new connections, ready to date, to play around, etc. This article talks about how some women uses this app. Maybe people will find love, maybe people will not. But people will continue to find a way to communicate with people of their interests online. Arthur Aron showing us how some guys use tinder as hook up but how this app all ties into psychology.

Positives of the modern dating world

even though technology has really increased the last few years, nothing has changed. People will still find romance. People will still want to be married, people will still want to find the love of their lives, and majority of the people that are going online are still trying to date, they are not trying to just hook up, they are actually trying to find their significant other. In the video, Helen Fisher says,“The vast majority of people on the internet, even on Tinder, are looking for a long-term committed relationship…. Marriage used to be the beginning of a relationship, now it’s the finale.” The most interesting/surprising to you from this source is the fact that it made us realize more that people are still going to go online no matter what to find love because ultimately, love is what everyone wants whether they want to admit it or not. Besides referring to the interviewers, Tinder app, and the company, no other sources were indicated. This makes me want to know more of other peoples experiences who are more in tact with their lives and more mature. No new key words. Pretty sure I have used all! Do People Look for Earning Potential on Tinder is an arrical written by Bourree Lam. This article was put onto The Atlantic for audiences to see. What prompted Bourree Lam to write this article was to show us, the people who do not normally go on dating sites, that people do use Tinder for the good. I have mentioned many times that I have used Tinder to find a job to benefit my future. To remind, I swiped right on the men who worked in the hospitals or anything related to medicine. This article shows that people do not use Tinder for looks anymore! The society has changed in the modern dating world.  Tinder is not completely negative and all about hook ups, it is a way in making new connections. This makes me want to know more about the people who have used this app to benefit their future and find connections.

2 More Sources

A 31 year-old straight woman who just got out of medical school and is in her residency said, “You know it can’t be anything serious, because you’re going home in a few days, so if you open up the app, it’s more as a game than anything else.”

From the article, it said, “Hometown Tinder works in somewhat the same way that Tinder works for people who use it while traveling for work—the people are available only temporarily, so it feels less like there are real people behind the avatars.” Which gives the source of telling you that people use tinder to meet new people when they are traveling for work so they won’t be as lonely.

I really choose these quotes because it really demonstrates my idea that younger and less-mature individuals will use think Tinder is just to hook up because their mentality is not as developed. Though maybe some will use this app just to hook-up, many does not. I believe with the younger generations, yes, they use it just to mess around. But the older doesn’t have time for games and if they do, hey, their going to do what they’re going want to do. This just got political! Never would have connected this part to being political but now they are extending the app to show advertisement when you are swipping. This is written by Rebecca Nelson and it really shows how the government is trying o show millennials the new way of being educated about politics. A new way in showing information to people who don’t care much or look into politics anymore.

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