Positives of the Modern Dating World

Tinder Won’t Change Love

Tinder Won’t Change Love is a video made by The Atlantic. The authors of this idea were Leah Varjacques and Nicolas Pollock. What prompted the writers to write their work here is to show the audience that love and romance is still okay in the modern day… even though technology has really increased the last few years, nothing has changed. People will still find romance. People will still want to be married, people will still want to find the love of their lives, and majority of the people that are going online are still trying to date, they are not trying to just hook up, they are actually trying to find their significant other. In the video, Helen Fisher says,“The vast majority of people on the internet, even on Tinder, are looking for a long-term committed relationship…. Marriage used to be the beginning of a relationship, now it’s the finale.” The most interesting/surprising to you from this source is the fact that it made us realize more that people are still going to go online no matter what to find love because ultimately, love is what everyone wants whether they want to admit it or not. Besides referring to the interviewers, Tinder app, and the company, no other sources were indicated. This makes me want to know more of other peoples experiences who are more in tact with their lives and more mature. No new key words. Pretty sure I have used all!

Do People Look for Earning Potential on Tinder?

Do People Look for Earning Potential on Tinder is an arrical written by Bourree Lam. This article was put onto The Atlantic for audiences to see. What prompted Bourree Lam to write this article was to show us, the people who do not normally go on dating sites, that people do use Tinder for the good. I have mentioned many times that I have used Tinder to find a job to benefit my future. To remind, I swipped right on the men who worked in the hospitals or anything related to medicine. This article shows that people do not use Tinder for looks anymore! The society has changed in the modern dating world.  Tinder is not completely negative and all about hook ups, it is a way in making new connections. This makes me want to know more about the people who have used this app to benefit their future and find connections.


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