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Using Tinder in Your Hometown Is Like Visiting an Alternate Reality

The author of this source is Helena Fitzgerald. Posted by The Atlantic. She has did an alternate route and interviewed a few people who are in for the holidays or visiting their hometowns. The reason why I tagged this post is because it is different from my other sources that I have used. This points out the fact that older and mature people in their early thirties are not on this app to just hook up. People are not just finding love either. Tinder is not as serious as it millennials think it is. Adults really use it to meet new people when they are traveling and some just sees this app as a game.

A 31 year-old straight woman who just got out of medical school and is in her residency said, “You know it can’t be anything serious, because you’re going home in a few days, so if you open up the app, it’s more as a game than anything else.”

From the article, it said, “Hometown Tinder works in somewhat the same way that Tinder works for people who use it while traveling for work—the people are available only temporarily, so it feels less like there are real people behind the avatars.” Which gives the source of telling you that people use tinder to meet new people when they are traveling for work so they won’t be as lonely.

I really choose these quotes because it really demonstrates my idea that younger and less-mature individuals will use think Tinder is just to hook up because their mentality is not as developed. Though maybe some will use this app just to hook-up, many does not. I believe with the younger generations, yes, they use it just to mess around. But the older doesn’t have time for games and if they do, hey, their going to do what they’re going  want to do.

A Political Ad Has Turned to Tinder, Because That’s Where the Millennials Are

This just took a whole new turn in connecting my idea of Tinder with work and jobs. This just got political! Never would have connected this part to being political but now they are extending the app to show advertisement when you are swipping. This is written by Rebecca Nelson and it really shows how the government is trying o show millennials the new way of being educated about politics. A new way in showing information to people who don’t care much or look into politics anymore. In the article, it says,””Mark Udall’s votes for higher taxes and invasive Obamacare were lefty swipes at America’s youth,” the ad’s narrator says, imploring viewers to tweet their opposition to the tax bill at the senator.”. I would really like to know more about this part of advertisement because people are actually using the app to put advitisment targeting the younger generations that use the app. Rebecca most likely wrote this to show that Tinder is an awesome way to give out ads to educated to convince people to vote and to like who in the office.

“This isn’t the first attention-grabbing ad from the “liberty-loving” group.” is probably another one of my favorite quotes from this article. I find it really interesting that the political groups are smart enough to think that Tinder is a good place to talk about politics! I find it funny that they want to someone convince the liberal millennials to think a certain way via a dating application.


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