Blog #6

Source 1:

Reclaiming Conversations is the name of the book. The author is Sherry Turkle. On the chapter of Romance, Turtle talks about the interview with a guy who uses Tinder. He talks about how the modern day dating now is okay to be online, though he broke up with his current girlfriend because he felt like he can do more and better online. Sherry Turtle wrote this to show us how our modern day dating and conversations have become due to technology and social media.

Source 2:

This an article call Tinder: A Hook-up App Women Actually Use. The author is Rebecca Greenfield. She’s is writing this to show us the audience how women have been using the dating app. There are many ways people use tinder. To hook up, new connections, ready to date, to play around, etc. This article talks about how some women uses this app.

Source 3:

This is an article by Arthur Aron. It is called The Current Status and Beyond.  The gist of this is basically saying that the dating pool in the current dating generations are now beyond our thoughts. It has gotten to the point where it is 100% normal to go online and have a one night stand or just to find someone to date just to have fun. Maybe people will find love, maybe people will not. But people will continue to find a way to communicate with people of their interests online. He’s showing us how some guys use tinder as hook up but how this app all ties into psychology.


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