Research Blog #4

This article was more on the world of dating online for humans in general. As it says in the source, we have a phenomenon happening were humans are going online more often… “As an aside, this mono- graph also contributes to the basic science of relationships by offering a wonderfully thorough and up-to-date review of the research literature on key factors in romantic attraction and on the predictors of relationship success.”.. The key claims would be how people are having a high increase with meeting new people easier and it’s less threatening to people who do not want to find a relationship yet. Some more examples to support this from the article is: “…increased opportunities to meet potential partners, minimally threatening contexts for initiating rela- tionships, and the possibility of “omitting from the dating pool people who are likely to be poor relationship partners in gen- eral” (Finkel et al., 2012, p. 48).”

The gist of this is basically saying that the dating pool in the current dating generations are now beyond our thoughts. It has gotten to the point where it is 100% normal to go online and have a one night stand or just to find someone to date just to have fun. Maybe people will find love, maybe people will not. But people will continue to find a way to communicate with people of their interests online.

The author also transitions into talking about the psychology of modern online dating. From the key terms of people wanting to have fun will go into the thoughts of people having the psychological issue of being obsessed with online dating and meeting people though apps and dating sites.


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