Research Log #3

1) Hyperlink:

This article is was all around pretty interesting to me but nothing that  did not know already. The most interesting thing I read from this source though was about the modern dating and how dating online is not the new social phenomenon. I am not surprised about all that but it is still really interesting to me that this has become such a big deal the past few years. This article is titled Online Dating – The Current Status and Beyond by Arthur Aron. It was written on March seventh, two-thousand-twelve. I do not know much about the author or publisher besides the fact that the authors are not only talking about their opinions and statistics about dating, but they are also acting the perspectives of psychological science. The authors are adding in the fact that this is related to psychological issues/topics. This article/source does link us or refer us to .. which is another article on online dating. It’s called Online Dating – A Critical Analysis From the Perspective of Psychological Science: Finkel E. J.Eastwick P. W.Karney B. R.Reis H. T.Sprecher S. (2012). Online dating: A critical analysis from the perspective of psychological science. Psychological Science in the Public Interest, 13(1), 366.  It extends our topic to talk about more of the psychological part of online dating. This gives me a new perspective on how this is not just a random online dating hobby but it’s psychological as well. It makes me want to know more about how people take Tinder seriously. Do people really get psychologically attached to the online world? Words and ideas should be: Tinder, Bumble, Dating, Modern dating, etc.

2) Permalink:

This article is titled Online dating system design and relational decision making: Choice, algorithms, and control. I find this article a bit more interesting due to the fact that it talks about how online dating is all about the perspective and how someone looks and how the app looks. This was written in year 2016. I know that the author goes to Stanford and is serious in the Department of Communications as well as the Department of Psychology; therefore, she talks more into the commutation between two peoples minds.  This source definitely links to other sources to give us a link so we can find where they got their information and facts from. This did not really give me a new perspective because I was already going to talk about the way Tinder is almost superficial. This did not make me want to know more because talking about Tinder does not really expand that far away. I could mention about the psychological thoughts that conservative family and friends would have on this.Words and idea terms would be the same: Tinder, Bumble, Dating, Modern dating, Online friends, etc.

My topic hasn’t really changed much as I learned more. This helped be in opening my mind more on what to talk about though. I can relate online dating aka: Tinder to a psychological stand point. I don’t believe I need to change my guiding question because I’m firm on what I want to talk about.


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