The author, Stuart Green, has really showed me how to prepare and understand on how to write my future researches and/or inquiries. Stuart Green explains in the article that an inquiry process is not just collecting and researching information… it is not just about writing information that you have collected from researching. In an inquiry process, he talks about how you can add in personal experiences and talk about that. Some aspects of my own experience doing the research that I recognize in this article is how the write believes that it is ok to submit work of opinions that runs through my own mind and write inquiries under what my experiences are. In this article, Green made it clear on his opinions on reading as inquiry versus reading as a search for information .. he is basically talking about how it is ok to not research for all your inquiry projects.  It is ok to just talk about experiences and not everything fact that you find out in the world. In the article, Stuart Green talks about how framing is how you want the audience to understand the topic or information you wrote. Framing is almost trying to quite the reader and or audience what you feel is important to show and let the reader know and interpret their own way. Framing happens all over the news to also distract you from certain things. It makes you think beyond and keep thinking of topics that connects to the main. Green made me understand that framing is “…the act, process, or manner of constructing anything.” (Green). Argument as Conversation changes a lot about my writing on my research. I won’t be so afraid to write my own personal experiences thinking that no one cares or it is not how you are ‘suppose’ to write inquiries. “Argument as Conversation” will really help me in my future researches dealing with school and work.


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