Exploring the Library



Looking back over the notes that I took on the library’s videos, I found that I am a lot more comfortable with using the library sources than I was before. I found that I have a better understanding on how to find my sources and how to find books better than before. With the library’s website, I can not understand how to search for a book in the library when I did not know how to do that before I did this homework assignment. With the option to search for key words and the option to filter your search in the search engine, I found to find the book, atlas of the world a lot more easier. I choose to find the Atlas of the World not because it is part of what I’m researching for my inquiry project, but I thought it was a easy first book to find in the library. Some advice I would give in using the library’s website is to filter your searches to find a certain book easier.

Before I visited the library, my first impression was I did not need to study in there. My impression has still not changed about the library. I do not feel like it is necessary for me to study in the library. Nothing surprised me. Nothing frustrated me either. I just like studying on my own time at home or near work.

During my times in the library, I noticed a lot of students talking while some are actually trying to work. During this time in the library, more kids were quite and working since it was 6am.

I don’t really have a favorite spot in the library, because I do not enjoy being in there. I’m most comfortable studying in my study room at home. While I was in the library, I caught up on homework.

In the future, I think I would use the library for exams study sessions, study groups, and maybe finish up the inquiry project for the class. Other than that, I won’t be using the Atkins Library much.


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