Tinder Statistics

The title of this article is called 45 Impressive Tinder Statistics (December 2016) and the link to this page is: http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/tinder-statistics/

This post was written in December of two-thousand and sixteen and it was specifically last updated on the twenty-second of December. The writer of this article is named Craig Smith. Craig Smith works for TDCS. The creator of this page is from The Digital Company Statistics, STATS. The Digital Company Statistics has been a company where many marketers would come and search for information with digital statistics that are the latest online.

I have gained a whole new perspective of how powerful this app is after reading some of these statistics. Although you have to pay about two to four dollars to get all 45 informational stats, I can see about fifteen facts about Tinder. In this page, you can see the date Tinder has launched to how many people uses the app to how many swipes it gets in a day. This makes me question so much about the modern technology and how it has almost consumed our lives. This shows how our dating lives has been revolved around online dating sites and apps now. The most interesting information that I found is how people spend an average thirty five minutes on this app a day!

In the article, it clearly states that not all information is a hundred percent accurate but it is close to it. Craig states that some of the information was grabbed from the company (Tinder) for the facts and some are from news reports. Craig referred Tinder as a source because thats the main company we’re talking about.

This source makes me want to know more about how relationships are and how people are adjusting to online dating. I want to know opinions from other people who are not millennials on this topic. Do this think they can really find love on this app? There are not really nice terms on here that are interesting to include with Tinder besides it talking about the number of people who are single using the app, who are divorced, who pays, etc.

I really feel like Tinder is a way for people to find friends and maybe have fun with dating. I don’t personally feel like people take this app seriously. If people find love from this app, it’s usually from going on a fun date to grab a couple drinks and maybe they just really connected.


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