Inquiry Projects

As I browsed through the examples of “inquiry projects”, I found that depending on what kind of project each person did depended on the questions that were guiding the projects. The main inquiry project that caught my eye was The Humans of New York. I’ve followed The Humans of New York since they started on Facebook. Some questions I feel like Brandon, the founder of the project, has a way of getting close to the people that he interviews. I’m not sure how he does it, but I believe he sits down and sincerely ask personal questions to the people he interviews after he gains their trust. Brandon asks a series of questions depending on who he is talking to. He way ask them if they are happy with life. Why or why not? Where are you from? What’s your favorite childhood memory? As for another inquiry project like, the questions asked may be about your family history and who are the names of all the family members you know and have.

These projects do represent what I think is an inquiry because I think all these are looked into when you are interested in them. These are people who are curious and have open wonders of the topic and they want to dig inside deeper to find more information that will benefit themselves.

Me researching about the 3-Day Military Diet would consider my own inquiry, because it is something that I really want to know about without being forced. would be the link of the example of inquiry that I am talking about. I believe the guiding questions to look into this link are “how to lose weight fast” or “how to lose ten pounds in three days”. As I researched more about the Military Diet, I found that is is completely healthy and found that it is only a calorie counting meal plan.


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