Technology, Social Media, and Relationships

Curiosity simply as you the basic question of if there is anything that you are interested in. It is defined as a strong desire to know more about something and to continue to pursue and learn more about the topic. As we all started reading this book while we continuously had parlor discussions, my eyes were opened so wide because I started noticing how sad our generation is with technology and social media. This book has given me a more insight of how our generation, and the newer ones, depend so much on technology, not only to survive, but to feel wanted and kept busy.

During our parlors, we talked about technology, relationships, and social media the most. My curiosity are drawn to the topic of how technology has affected the our modern day conversations with people. Our conversations in this generation merely depends on technology to get in contact with each other. I’m curious about knowing all the cons and pros to have technology.

Another topic that I am curious in are about the Tinder and Bumble applications being a way of making new friends and relationships. Your modern day dating routines is all about going online and using dating sites now. It is easier to talk to people due to having the power to swipe left or right on people.

I’m very drawn to these topics because I feel like that’s all that surrounds my life. Technology, social media, and relationships. I’m noticed the connection of all these goes back to technology. All this starts with technology and how people interact with each other now. Connections between these topics with my other classes is technology is used in all classes. Whether we as a class are using technology to learn or if the students are constantly taking their phones out. Current events that are connected to these topics are how people are depending their lives solely on technology now and how to make it better.


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