The Public Square of No Privacy

In this chapter of the Public Square, it brought many new opions into my brain and made me think a lot more about how technology really has changed the way we live. Social media and some of the technology now are all usually, I feel like, hurting us more than helping us. Although it is convenient, I really believe that life would be more cherished and happier without the use of social media.
On page 294, under A State of Emergency the Issue involving Joseph Kony was discussed. The issue that involved Kony was awful and cannot be fathomed but the way the internet was used was crazy how it become a world-wide story. Through the issue with Kony, it shows us how we can use technology and social media as a way to get ours and/or everyone’s voices heard easier. It’s an awesome way to spread news across the world. Facebook was mentioned in this chapter where it talked about having a lot more people on Facebook now than there were in the world. It really opens my mind about how there are cons and pros with writing something on social media. A pro could be how nice it is to spread the word about an issue or something that everyone needs to hear… but a con could be the scary part where everyone could know your information and if you make one bad mistake, it could spread like fire.
In the section where it talks about The World Without Privacy, it talks about Turkles grandparents and their times. In the time where it was harder to check on people, the government would use people to spy on others. I agree with how she talks about the world has almost no privacy now due to social media. Back in the days it was easier to get away and have more privacy and alone time. I find it almost unbelievable how much our society has changed over the past years due to social media and technology. It really has changed our way of life. Personally, I find this to affect us negatively than positive.


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