Present Education with Technology

On page 212, students mentions checking their phones in class. Some of the students talk about how two minutes is the max on going to check their phones, other students says it three minutes. My opinion on this topic is very up and down. I believe that technology and social media is a crucial part in making this generation feel better of them selves but I also believe that it is corrupting us. Because I am not very into social media, I am having a very hard time understanding why these students feel so left out without checking Facebook. As this first chapter mentions, some students would bring in tablets to class and occasionally just click on the Facebook tab just to have a “social check”. I find it so depressing when the students feel like it’s wrong to check their phones in this particular class… I believe it is just plan rude and the students should always feel like it’s wrong when they draw the attention into their phones instead of the lecturer.
On page 222, grazing is defined as “a new style of learner who picks up things here and there”. The reason for grazing seems to be pulled to the fact the students are just skimming through information like they skim through Twitter and Facebook. Real information is never pulled out of reading an article. For example, in the book, it mentions students just reading headlines and looking at the pictures involved with an article… the students do not really read the whole article as they are use to just looking through the obvious and easy way out. When it comes to education, this became a problem where students are starting to struggle. Students will start forgetting simple things like the date of something or a popular character. Grazing is not only a term where younger humans are doing via social media, it’s affecting their education with ‘grazing’ through school work too.
Using my own life experiences, I can proudly say that I do not check my phone doing lecturers. On page 234, there is a student that talks about “Showing Up to Something Alive”. With my own life experience, I really support this part of the chapter where we have to enjoy the moment and take it all in without pulling out our cell phones all day. I agree with the part where it mentions “…we brought only a part of ourselves” as we enter our class rooms. We are only half there and we need to put down the electronics sometimes to be more involved in education.


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