Lost in the Phone

In this part of the book, the first person who was brought up was a man named Conan O’Brien. Conan O’Brien said, “I’m not raising the children. I’m raising the grown—ups that they’re going to be…. (phones are) toxic, especially for kids”. I one-hundred percent agree with Conan O’Brien. I believe that phones are corrupting the newer generations, not only by making them dependent but also making them too separated from real life. Teenagers and younger kids these days are digging their faces into their phone so much that they are almost losing who they really are. People will get on social media so much that it almost helps them create a new person online, someone who is new, someone who seems fun and popular when in reality, their lives are not that great. Hiding being phones helps create more confidence in bullying as well. On the first page, it talks about how people are more drawn to saying “you’re fat” online because they don’t have to see the person cringe and visually see the individual upset.
On page 73, the book talks about The Facebook Zone. In the aspects of this chapter, I agree to the part where the teenagers saying how they feel the need to constantly check social media because they feel like they are missing out on something. I find this very interesting, but not surprising. It really intrigues me because it’s mind blowing how people are so drawn to their phones at the slightest boredom that they go through. Having social media gives people the need to almost feel like they have to check it due to the fear of missing something. It makes people feel like they are bored in the real life easier. It prevents people from being able to just sit and be engaged in only one thing.


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