Social Media Butterflies

In this chapter of the book, it talks about “phubbing”. Phubbing was described as “the art of talking to other people but with your eyes on your phone”. I wasn’t really surprised at the fact that majority of the younger generation was so caught up on phones due to social media. Social media is the main reason why teenagers have cell phones. Instead of talking face-to-face, this generation is caught up on making 10 second selfie conversations on Snapchat that disappear or they decide that messaging each other is easier than talking via in person or the phone. Social media gives the newer generation a chance to ‘edit’ their mistakes. Kids are able to get onto Facebook and make a comment with a chance of erasing their mistakes. In a few interviews that the author of the book had with other teenagers, it was known that not all teenagers are not aware of what is happening.
            The introduction most definitely changed my perspective on how technology has almost swallowed our new generation. People have become so dependent on their cell phones. Kids friendships are based on how many followers you get on Instagram, how many likes you get on a Facebook post, and maybe even how much you expose of your life on Snapchat. Friendships now a days are so superficial and majority of the kids do not even know it. My perspective of cell phones was never bad. I always saw cell phones of a way to communicate easier with my friends and family. I was never dependent on it, but it does make life easier. As I read the introduction, it has really opened my eyes a lot more about how our generation is almost brain-washed into cellphones. Friendships and relationships are now based on cellphones and it’s quite saddening.  


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