Rhetorical Thoughts

Rhetorical Thoughts


In writing, I believe that understanding how the rhetorical situation works is crucial in wanting to be a successful writer. There are many parts in doing this correctly. As I researched and read more about rhetorical thinking, I learned many aspects in the audience, purpose, context, and tone. Although I am still a bit confused on these aspects, my practice in reading and writing really helps. For example, to capture an audience, it is important to understand how your tone of voice is. In the last class, we mentioned the parlor discussions that we will start having. For the individual to be able to capture his or her peers’ attention is to be able to use the right tone of voice.

In the book that our class is currently reading, Reclaiming Conversations by Sherry Turkle, she does a good job in using this form of writing and thoughts. She has her own opinions but she isn’t quite bashing anyone for using their cell phones. In a way, Sherry Turkle is only trying to make us aware of how technology has really changed our conversations through generations; therefore, this introduction of her way of writing really changes my perspective on how my own writings should be. After looking and learning about how important the audience, purpose, contet, and tone is in writing, I will try my best in adding the skills into my feature writing and talks. Now that I have gotten the chance to realize what the audience really wants, it will be easier to captivate my peers attention and be able to do good at our future parlor discussions in class.


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