Empathy Diaries Thoughts

I completely agree with the topic of the article. I believe the way the author thinks is right. I sincerely believe that the author has good point when he talks about the currently humans that are dependent with our cell phones. it is sincerely sad that people are not contacting the other person via land phone or walking up to the door. Now of days, people just drive up to the front of the house and they text the other person “i’m here.”. I find it really depressing that the current generation is so dependent on the fact that we have social media and phones. Back then, phones where not  huge part of the circle. It was not a huge part of life. Social media and iPhones are a big part of out college experiment as well. This article really makes me second think about the problems that we are facing on america. Everything is based off of the cell phone. Everything is through the internet.


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