Here you will see information about Tinder that you have never even would think to think about before. I will open your eyes to show you that Tinder and Bumble or any type of dating app is not always as bad as it seems. Not only am I going to let you know the new world of online dating but I will show you that it does not always matter where you find love and/or how you find it. You will learn that this Tinder app is not always just about dating but making friends and gaining connections.

I will show you the new world of this application that more than 50 million people uses. You will read about my experience that I personally have had with this application. There are good uses and bad uses and I will show you all around of how this application is usually used. Yes you can hook-up on this application and have casual sex.. that is actually what everyone will think about when they hear the word “Tinder” or “Bumble”. Indeed there is other reasons to use this though.

Not only will I tell you the pros and cons about using Tinder, but you will understand how big of an impact this app has on our current generation. How technology has become over board and became to this huge site of connection for strangers.

You will hear about the psychological reasons why some users are on this application. I have learned a lot over this inquiry project and I personally feel like I have added everything that I have learned and placed it on this site. I hope you, my readers, will have a whole new opinion on Tinder and will understand people more who uses. Less judgment, more love.